Grammar Crash Course: Day 4

Today we finished our lesson on verbals by discussing participles.  Furthermore, we discussed the differences between gerunds (-ing words that act as nouns) and present participles (also -ing words, but these act as adjectives or parts of the verb phrase/predicate).

We also went over the requirements for tomorrow’s Genius Hour submission deadline:

  • Self-assessment and Reflection
  • Evidence of completed project (hard copy or digital copy via Padlet)

The students will sign up for presentation days and times in class tomorrow.  The remaining items for their Genius Hour projects (remaining presentation materials, Genius Hour product, and Presentation Rubric) will be due on the day of their presentation.


  • Read.
  • Finish Genius Hour project for submission tomorrow.


Grammar Crash Course Day 3: Verbals

Today we explored the world of verbals.  The students learned my Grammy Award-winning song “I’m Every Sentence Part” which was set to the tune of “I’m Every Woman” by Whitney Houston (okay, so I am joking about the Grammy part).  This song, used to teach the students about gerunds, presented them with a challenge: if I hear back from either the school principal or the 8th grade assistant principal that they were taught the song, ALL of my students will receive a surprise.  Let’s see what happens!

Thereafter, we talked about infinitives using the words of the immortal philosopher Buzzeus Lightyeareus who said “TO INFINITIVE AND BEYOND!”


  • Read for 30 minutes.
  • Complete Genius Hour Project for submission.