#Genius Hour Presentations: Day 1

As a result of Friday’s surprise guest, the originally-scheduled grammar quiz was postponed until today.

Once the quiz was over, the students couldn’t wait to show what they had learned over the course of this two-and-a-half-month educational experiment.  Some of the most notable presentations included:

  • B.D.’s Presentation on Making a Birdhouse
  • E.R.’s Lesson on Rubber Bands versus a Watermelon
  • M.M.’s Analysis of Incidence of Terrorism in the 1990s
  • B.H.’s Information on Cryptozoology
  • Z.G.’s Presentation on Self-Driving Cars

I am so amazed by the depth and quality of the presentations shown today and cannot wait to see what more we learn about as this week progresses!


  • Read for 30 minutes.
  • Prepare for Genius Hour Presentation


Genius Hour Submission Day and SURPRISE GUEST!!

Since this entire week has been devoted to our crash course in grammar, the students were all planning on a quiz. Though that was on the plan, the arrival of our surprise guest speaker pushed that off until Monday. Miss A. Butler came to speak about her work as an equestrian on track for the Olympics. She took some time to emphasize the importance of presentation in horse jumping and balancing her competition schedule with her 6 AP and being a high school senior.

After Miss Butler’s talk, the students asked questions, participated in a quick grammar review, and signed up for their Genius Hour presentation day.

REMEMBER: Genius Hour reflections and self assessments were due in class today with some evidence of the completion of the project. Any digital evidence of The completion of a project must be submitted on Padlet at the link below. These must be submitted by 11:59 p.m.


  • Read for 60 minutes.
  • Prepare Genius Hour projects for final presentation next week.


Introductions and Vocabulary: Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Hello October
Courtesy of: http://www.freegreatimages.com/hello-october/

We welcomed this new month of October with a quick review and quiz over “Vocabulary from Classical Roots” Book C, lesson 4.  Thereafter, we discussed any issues arising from the writing of each student’s introductions for their argumentative essays.  Most students were concerned about the format, how to address both sides of an argument, and how to decide which side of an argument to support while writing.  I offered some personalized advice and examples depending on each student’s individual situation.  In each class I also took a moment to re-hash how I would go about the writing process as a guide for students who may be feeling a little stuck.


PowerPoint: 10.1.14 Vocabulary Roots Review and Quiz

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

The students were certainly charged up with energy after last night’s election results.  Thus, I took the opportunity to capitalize on that excitement with the essay topic they started in class today.  Before we tackled that, the students had 10 minutes to work on their “Create-A-Quiz” assignment in their groups.  We then moved into a review of the writing process‘ five parts: pre-writing, drafting (rough draft), revising, editing, and publishing (the final product).  Finally, the students began brainstorming on the topic below.  They will complete the in-class 5-paragraph essay tomorrow for a test grade.


Each of you possess some of the qualities for a successful President of the United States.  Regardless of whether or not you were born here, write an essay persuading the adults of the United States to vote for you for President.  Be sure to explain at least three qualities you possess that would make you strong at the job.

PowerPoint: Nov. 7. 2012 Write it out!

HOMEWORK: Complete the “Create-A-Quiz” assignment.  This is due tomorrow and NO late work will be accepted.

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Have you ever had trouble understanding what it was that someone else was trying to say?  Well, in class today we learned how editing helps others improve their writing.  After brief notes on common editing marks, we worked whole group to edit a sample paragraph.  Thereafter, the students worked on their own to correct a sample paragraph called “The Beach.”  Finally, all students were informed of the requirements of their homework assignment (which will be worth a quiz grade) where they work in groups of up to 4 to create their own 12-question quiz.  This will serve as one way to review for the unit exam this Friday.

PowerPoint:Let’s Edit!

Sample Paragraph: “The Beach” (with key)

Homework: (DUE THURSDAY)

•Each student will work in a group (of their own choosing) of up to 4 students  to create a 12-question quiz.
•Each student is to create at least 3 questions for the quiz. (Divide the questions equally among yourselves.)
•You must also create a key. You will have to write a 3+ sentence justification of the right answers.
•You and your group will receive additional points toward their team’s grade for including higher-order-thinking questions. (Quiz Grade)



October 23rd-26th, 2012 in Review

Phew, the calendar finally freed up a little more to allow for me to update this blog with the information from the days I have missed.  Here is a look at the lessons of October 23rd to the 26th.

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

  • The students learned about the Organizational Patterns that we use when writing essays.  The ones we focused on were:
    • Cause and Effect
    • Comparison and Contrast
    • Problem and Solution
    • Chronological Order
    • Logical Order
  • 10-23-12 The Organization Station

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

  • It took a bit longer than I had anticipated with the discussion of the different types of Organizational Patterns so the students finished their notes on this third day on the topic.
  • 10-25-12 The Organization Station Part 3

Friday, October 26th, 2012

October 10-12th in Review

Now that the report cards are printed and conferences are underway, I finally have a free moment to update the blog once again.  Below is a brief account of what was addressed on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of October.

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

  • Thursday was an extension of Wednesday’s lesson where we spent more time looking over student models, analyzing what made these writings successful or unsuccessful.

Friday, October 12th

  • Assessment Day!
  • The students took a quiz over the ELA vocabulary words of their choosing (from the ones posted on the ELA Lexicon Word Wall).
  • The students then had to do a 3 paragraph reflection on the experience of performing the Writing Folio Mock Writing Assessment.  The guidelines for this portion of the quiz are below: