Friday, March 29th, 2013

We capped off this week with a continuation of our ELA Olympics.  Each of the teams in class were competing quite hard to gain the most points.  Today, we put our emphasis on two things: the ELA Infographic Project and sentence trees.  I had a Q & A session with the students to make sure that everyone was clear on the expectations of the project (which is due next Friday, April 5th and no later).  We then broke sentences down into their parts of speech and then looked at how the words came together to make phrases, clauses, complete subjects, complete predicates, etc.

Just as a refresher (for those of you parents who might not be familiar with sentence trees):

Sandy likes candy with chocolate.Sentence Tree

HOMEWORK: Read for 30 minutes.  Continue work on the ELA Infographic Project (due Friday, April 5th).

PowerPoint: Status Report 3.29.13

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Today we took our bi-weekly trip to the Media Center.  While there the students had the opportunity to get a head start on their homework (“Roger’s Swim”) as well as check out books.  They also received a copy of the requirements for their infographic project (due April 5th, 2013).  Finally, class wrapped up with our in-class ELA Olympics head-to-head CRCT review challenge.  Today we focused on Parts of Speech (found here).

A few students asked me for more information about the online resources I mentioned that could help them with the infographic project.  Thus, I have included the links below:

HOMEWORK: Read “Roger’s Swim” (the handout was distributed in class).  Choose 2 of the 3 sections (either section A, section B, or section C) and circle the subjects in each sentence.  Then underline the predicates (main verbs) in each sentence.

Read for 30 minutes.

Begin work on the ELA Infographic Project.

PowerPoint: Sentence Parts Library Day 3.26.13