The Adventure of New Beginnings

From the moment I left the halls of East Cobb Middle School last May, each day has brought a new adventure.  If you followed me through my #56DayVacay on Instagram and Twitter, you saw that I had the opportunity to travel for most of my 8-week break.  It was a truly magical experience to top off an amazing year with dynamic students, their parents/grandparents/guardians, and amazing educators.  Last year and leading into this summer, was a collection of some of my favorite moments in education.

This year, a new adventure has begun.  I was honored to accept the position of Digital Transformation Coach with the Cobb County School District.  I am the only one, and am so grateful for this opportunity.  When asked what I now do as “Digital Transformation Coach” I put it quite simply: “I am like Disney World for educators.  I help teachers make their dream lessons come true.”  As Digital Transformation Coach, I have been afforded with the opportunity to pursue another love of mine: helping educators tap into their “inner kid” to create amazing lessons and learning spaces that encourage students to have a veritable addiction to learning for learning’s sake.  I also help teachers meaningfully apply the use of technology in their instruction to take student learning deeper.  An iPad can be a replacement for pen and paper or a window into the world beyond Cobb County.  Which one would make learning more meaningful?  This is the question teachers and I seek to answer with every interaction.

I had SO much fun in the seven years I spent in the classroom as a day-to-day teacher of 7th or 8th graders.  People would often scoff or reel back in surprise when I told them that I genuinely LOVED working with middle schoolers.  I mean, why not?  It was the best of both worlds.  I could create a safe space where my students and I could be mature and thoughtful, but silly at any moment.  I honestly wish more adults tapped into their inner middle schooler.  Leaving the classroom was not a decision I took lightly, but I knew it was time to help others bring more excitement and engagement to their classrooms by sharing my love of creative lesson planning and educational technology integration.

A new role now means a new look for  As you may have noticed, this site has already undergone a redesign.  Most notably, from now on, this site will no longer be “Ms. Willipedia’s ELA World” but will don a new name: “Ms. Willipedia’s Education World.”  It has also changed locations here on the web as part of its ongoing redesign to fit what I will be able to offer beyond classroom activities and adventures.  Hopefully, you will join me in this new endeavor!

Here’s to new beginnings and limitless opportunities for us all!

-Nadia a.k.a. Ms. Williams a.k.a. Ms. Willipedia