Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Friday was our usual assessment day with the students first having the opportunity to look over their notes on theme.  They then took a quiz which included selections from songs as reading passages from which the students had to discern the theme.  Then, the students viewed the music video “Burn it Down” by Linkin Park where they had to write a BCR (Brief Constructed Response) no more than 1/2 a page in length answering the prompt below:

What is the theme of the video shown?  What images support this as the theme?  Does the video show this theme effectively?

The students were graded based on clearly answering the questions within the prompt, providing detailed examples to support their position, and their ability to do so using grade-level appropriate writing.

HOMEWORK: Read for 30 minutes.

PowerPoint: forthcoming


Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Hopefully you had a wonderfully refreshing 4-day Presidents’ Day weekend!

This week we will be focusing on theme and sentence order in class.  To jumpstart the week’s focuses, we first addressed theme.  First, five television theme songs were played and the students had to identify the show to which it belonged.  If they could not, they had to identify what pictures came to mind as they heard the theme song.  The students heard the theme songs below:

Thereafter, we worked whole group to brainstorm on the themes presented in the music videos below.  Since visual images are easier to pull from than text, this served to provide the students with practice in identifying themes.

I chose to pull from a selection of songs from which the students would not be immediately familiar so that they were able to focus on the visuals and less on jamming out to their favorite song.

HOMEWORK: Read for 30 minutes, pull themes from the “Article of the Week”-“Teenage Gamers Better at Simulated Surgery than Medical Residents”

PowerPoint: Theme 2.19.13

Graphic Organizer: Theme Graphic Organizer