Friday Kindness, Dreams, Reflections, and Heroes

Many more students completed their constructed responses and essays yesterday than I had originally anticipated which was quite exciting!  Thus, today’s plan went as follows:

  • For those who hadn’t finished their “Your American Dream” constructed response essays yet, they had to complete this task and its accompanying R.A.C.E. graphic organizer.
    • Directions for these can be found here.
  • For those who did finish their “American Dream” constructed response essays, they could do either:


  • Read for 60 minutes
  • Complete any outstanding work from class.
    • Extension Work and “Honoring Our Heroes” essay will each serve as extra credit and must be submitted by the beginning of class on Tuesday, January 20th, 2015.


Extra Credit Opportunities

Lately I have been asked whether I will be providing any extra credit opportunities.  The answer is “yes” and “no”.  Any extra credit opportunities I present will either be here online on the blog, or via Twitter, or the will be presented in class in conjunction with an existing assignment.  For example, today’s quiz featured an opportunity for students to gain as much as 10 bonus points on their timed writing if they added additional examples of DRAPES.

My goal is to assist my students in completing their work to their fullest capabilities which is why I don’t prefer to offer extra credit in the form of additional work.  Please continue to use this blog as a means to assist you in supporting your student. Of course I am always glad to clarify any questions that may arise.