Preparing for the CRCT

Sneeze in White Hankie CC

Along with the variable Georgia weather (it went from being in the 70s and sunny yesterday to the 50s and rainy today) comes Spring Fever, the immeasurable amounts of yellow pollen coating everyone’s cars, and the CRCT.  This state-wide standardized test serves as a measuring tool to gauge how well the schools in Georgia (as well as individual teachers) are getting their students to meet or exceed the state-wide standards.

Between the random requests for tissue, my students have been preparing for the CRCT through a variety of centers-style and game-based activities.  Here is what we have going on (pictures to follow):

  • Show What You Know
    • In this variation on using flashcards, the ELA/Reading terms were placed onto white index cards and their corresponding definitions were placed onto yellow index cards.  Each student then received 3 to 4 index cards (depending on the number of students in the class).  I would then read each term aloud and the students would work together or in groups to figure out whether or not they had the appropriate definition.  The students had a lot of fun with this activity and it certainly pulled them into their highest of higher-order recall and thinking skills!
    • The object of the game was to see which team could get rid of their cards first (through matching them with the terms read aloud).
    • VARIATION: To help any students with vision challenges, I often opted to show the flashcards I had created for them on my projector screen from  You can access this same deck of cards here:

Word Dominoes General

  • Parts of Speech Dominoes
    • In a group of up to 6, the students worked to match examples of words with their part of speech.  The students certainly had to apply what they knew through thinking critically.
    • I mounted the dominoes I printed from Deceptively Educational to cardboard to make them sturdier.

Monday, April 15, 2013-Friday, April 19th, 2013

Today we worked in CRCT review centers that allowed the students to work in groups on vocabulary, reading comprehension, test-taking strategies, critical thinking, and other standards-aligned activities.  We will be working in these centers for the entirety of this week.


  • Monday- complete CRCT Review Packet page 1
  • Tuesday- complete CRCT Review Packet page 2
  • Wednesday- complete CRCT Review Packet page 3
  • Thursday- complete CRCT Review Packet page 4

PowerPoint: CRCT Review Centers & In-Class Challenge 4.15.13


Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Free Throw

The students had a rollicking good time today in class with TRASHKET BALL!!!  The room was divided into halves, each team had a team captain and designated free throw shooters.  Each student on each team had to answer questions related to ELA and Reading.  After 5 students from each team answered, each team’s designated free throw shooter aimed one of three balls (each of varying sizes and point values) into the “trashket.”  The team with the highest amount of points, won!

HOMEWORK: Read for 30 minutes.  Complete the ELA Infographic Project which is DUE FRIDAY (a.k.a. TOMORROW)!!

PowerPoint: ELA Olympic Showdown (Day 2) 4.4.13

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Today the students had to take a mock CRCT within each 55 minute block.  Okay, APRIL FOOLS!  In all seriousness, we kicked off more CRCT review, which is what we’ll be doing each day leading up to “the test.”  Thus, my apologies in advance if the upcoming posts seem redundant.  The students in my 1st period class did self-directed work, while 2nd, 6th, and 7th periods opted for a whole-group challenge.

HOMEWORK: Read for 30 minutes. Continue with on the ELA Infographic Project.

PowerPoint: Forthcoming