GaETC 2018

Thank you for attending my session at GaETC 2018 (or for at least wanting to).  Below you can find all of the resources I shared in my session “VR Made Easy” delivered on November 8th, 2018.

Presentation Resources

Click here for the presentation slides

DIY VR Resources

  • Google Street View
    • App (iOS and Android) and Web-based platform
    • Use existing images
    • Upload your own images
  • Google Cardboard Camera
    • App (iOS and Android)
    • Capture 360-degree images with your smartphone
    • Replay as a static VR-type experience
  • Google Tour Creator
    • Web-based
    • Create an interactive virtual tour using existing Google 360-degree images or your own
    • Insert “focal points”
    • Insert audio (background sounds as well as voice overs)
    • Uploads to Google Poly (Public or Unlisted)
    • Share with link
    • Click here for my example
  • Unity Gaming Engine
    • Pair with 360-degree images to create a fully interactive experience
    • Teach students to code in the process
    • Offers free curriculum
    • Grant Program for School licenses
    • Dovetails into VR video game design
    • Students can even monetize their creations up to a certain point

Existing VR Options for Classroom Use

  • Discovery Education VR (Free)
  • Google Expeditions
  • Nearpod VR (Paid Subscription)
  • ThingLink VR (Paid Subscription)

Other VR Options to Watch (or Acquire)