Food for Thought (and Discussion)

With the end of the school year mere days away, today’s lesson took a slightly less-structured approach.  With their devices in hand (or through the use of a classroom computer), the students chose from the articles below.  They then got into groups to share what they had read, their thoughts on the article, and how they think those would relate to their lives.  The instructions that were provided to the class are below.

“Food for Thought” Lesson


  1. Choose from the articles below (some of these are available in printed form at the front table) and read it thoroughly.
  2. Next, join your classmates at the pre-determined locations around the room.
  3. You will each take turns to give a three-point synopsis of each of your articles.
  4. Finally, you will conduct a group discussion about the ideas your articles have in common.  Be creative in seeing how the articles relate to one another.


Summer Reading for the 2015-2016 School Year

I just received information about the Summer Reading Requirements for the students attending Wheeler HS next school year and have copied and pasted them below.  Please do not hesitate to get these books sooner than later.  Besides, it will make for a more restful summer. 🙂

9th Grade Honors

  1. All students must read and prepare outline (provided on Wheeler’s web site) on The Woman in White by Wilkie
    Collins. ****All students must prepare a TYPED outline for submission to the first week of the semester on this book.

    1. Each heading and subheading must have at least two parts. Do not exceed 2 pages typed using 1”
      margins and Times New Roman 12 point font.
    2. Be consistent. Use either complete sentences or brief phrases, but do not use both.
    3. This outline will be submitted to once information is provided by the teacher at the beginning of class.
    4. Be prepared to discuss this novel and participate in novel-related activities the first two weeks of the
  2. All students will select a second book to read from the On-Level 9th Grade Reading List (see below), then be prepared to write an in-class essay on the novel the first week of the semester.
    • During the essay, students may use one handwritten 4 x 6 index card containing notes on
      characters, plot, setting, etc. The card is NOT required, but if students use a card, it will be
      collected and kept at the end of the essay test. Typed and/or cut and pasted notes are NOT acceptable.

9th Grade Reading List

Should I receive or find information about the summer reading requirements for any of the other Magnet schools, I will be sure to update and republish this post–links and all!

-Ms. W.

A Bookless Library?

In a recent article in the SFGate, one Texas public library is in the spotlight for what it does not have: books.  Apparently taking a cue from the many Apple stores nationwide, the library employees wear a standard, casual uniform as they assist people with the iPads or Mac desktops within the space.  This certainly begs the question, is this really the future?  Will books eventually become completely obsolete?  Only time will tell…

Texas library offers glimpse of bookless future – SFGate

CRCT Study Guide

Yes, the CRCT is quickly approaching!  In addition to everything being taught within each content class, the CCSD has posted the official CRCT study guide on its Testing and Assessment page.  You can find explanations of how the test is scored, sample questions (with the accompanying answer keys), in addition to other pertinent information regarding the CRCT.  You can find the 8th grade study guide for all core subjects at the link below:

Mark your calendars! The CRCT will begin April 22nd, 2013.