Monday-Friday, March 18th-22nd, 2013

Last week the students accomplished a lot with regard to review.  Below are the resources from last week:

HOMEWORK (for the week): Read for 30 minutes.  Article of the week–First Female Football Kicker Prospect

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Hopefully you had a wonderfully refreshing 4-day Presidents’ Day weekend!

This week we will be focusing on theme and sentence order in class.  To jumpstart the week’s focuses, we first addressed theme.  First, five television theme songs were played and the students had to identify the show to which it belonged.  If they could not, they had to identify what pictures came to mind as they heard the theme song.  The students heard the theme songs below:

Thereafter, we worked whole group to brainstorm on the themes presented in the music videos below.  Since visual images are easier to pull from than text, this served to provide the students with practice in identifying themes.

I chose to pull from a selection of songs from which the students would not be immediately familiar so that they were able to focus on the visuals and less on jamming out to their favorite song.

HOMEWORK: Read for 30 minutes, pull themes from the “Article of the Week”-“Teenage Gamers Better at Simulated Surgery than Medical Residents”

PowerPoint: Theme 2.19.13

Graphic Organizer: Theme Graphic Organizer


The Week of January 14-18th in Review

In preparation for tomorrow’s Writing Assesement, last week was devoted to review of all of the writing strategies that had been addressed in class.  I held two tutoring sessions during and after school to assist those who felt they needed to practice some skills, ask additional questions, or receive extra teaching.  It was an absolute blast!  As a result, I will be holding weekly after-school tutoring sessions starting within the next couple of weeks.  Finally, on Friday, we wrapped up the week with a timed writing to simulate part of what the students will encounter tomorrow.

PowerPoint: forthcoming

HOMEWORK: Read for 30 minutes and work on the Guided Book Review (Due Tuesday, January 29th, 2013)

Homework for the Week

For the third week in a row, here is a preview of the homework for this week.  Each student is welcome to turn it in the day after it is officially assigned, however the homework isn’t officially due until Friday of each week.  Below is a list of this week’s homework assignments:

  • Tuesday: Read “Out of Bounds” on pages 165-180 in the Reader/Writer InterActive Workbook.  Complete all of the questions in the margins.
  • Wednesday: Re-read “Out of Bounds” on pages 165-180 in the Reader/Writer InterActive Workbook.  Complete all of the questions on pages 181-183.
  • Thursday: On a sheet of notebook paper, draw a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting “Out of Bounds” and what we have read in class thus for within The Project.
    • Study your notes for Friday’s quiz.

As always, please do not hesitate to ask any questions that arise!

Homework for the Week (September 24th-28th, 2012)

I decided to try something new.  For the time being (and perhaps permanently), I’ll provide the week’s homework assignments in advance.  The assignments can be turned in early, on time, but I will no longer accept late homework.  All assignments for this week will be due by Friday, September 28th, 2012.  This way each student can work at his or her own pace.

  • Monday’s homework:*Edited-All periods: complete the Take Home Quiz and the In-Class Essay. Look over the homework for the week.  Read for 30 minutes
  • Tuesday’s homework: *EditedConstruct 5 questions you still have about clauses (if you have none, write 5 things you know about clauses).  They must be in the form of simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex sentences.
  • Wednesday’s homework: *EditedChoose one of the BCRs you have written and create a body paragraph.  (Treat your BCR as the introduction paragraph.)
  • Thursday’s homework:  *EditedWrite a conclusion for the BCR you selected on Wednesday.
  • Friday’s homework: No homework (aside from reading for 30 minutes per day).  Have a wonderful weekend!