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What makes school fun?  In my eyes, a comfortable learning environment, the ability to choose my own ways of showing what I have learned, and relating in-class content to the world outside make school fun.  My eyes are always on the lookout for anything I feel would enhance the learning of students and their teachers.

Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Ms. Nadia Williams and after spending six years at Lindley Middle School, and then 8th grade Advanced Content and Gifted Language Arts at East Cobb Middle School, I now serve as the Cobb County School District’s Digital Transformation Coach.  In this new role, I work to support teachers, schools, and students to help their dream lessons come true.  It is a multi-faceted role that is ever-evolving and brings new adventures into my life on a daily basis.  In addition to my classroom teaching experience, I tap into my many years in customer service in the personal care, beauty, home automation, alarm, and signage industries to aid me in my work.  My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications with a focus on Media Studies and a minor in Dance as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching for Secondary English Education, both from Kennesaw State University.  As of December 2015, I also hold an Educational Specialist (Ed. S.) in Instructional Technology from Kennesaw State University.  My teaching certifications are in Secondary English from grades 4-12 and I hold a Gifted Endorsement as well.

Why “Ms. Willipedia?”  At a training some of my co-workers commented on me being a sponge for trivia almost like Wikipedia.  “Why not encourage my students to be the same?” I thought while working as a classroom teacher.  After all, exposure to the beauty and variety within the world is the difference between a smart student and a brilliant one.  About five years ago, I opted to create a blog and a Twitter account just for my students under the name “Ms. Willipedia”, and soon, those outlets started going beyond providing information for my students and their parents and into supporting other educators.  I soon branched out into the training of my fellow educators as I started conducting professional learning workshops at the local and state level.

Many outlets have stated that now, in the 21st Century, most of the jobs the students of today will be applying for have not yet been created.  In addition to helping teachers transform and enhance their educational practice through the use of digital tools to help prepare their students for these unknown future jobs, I feel my job requires that I help cultivate the practice critical thinking and problem-solving among students and adults.

Here’s to yet another educationally adventurous year!

Ms. Williams


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  1. Hi Ms Williams,
    It’s Kellen from your 5th Period and I just can’t seem to find where to put my Song Requests on your blog. I really want to post something ^-^

  2. Hey Ms. Williams, I was checking the grade book and I saw that I didn’t turn in my Dear Dr. King speech only to realize I hadn’t posted it to KidBlog, but it’s up there now. Thanks!

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