Successful Digital Presentations (Web Quest)


"The more, the merrier," does not apply to PowerPoint slides.
“The more, the merrier,” does not apply to PowerPoint slides.

Whenever you are asked to create a digital or multimedia presentation, it is easy to think of immediately creating a PowerPoint.  That said, nowadays there are so many other avenues to easily create presentations that are visually exciting.  In this web quest you will learn how to go from making basic slides to creating digital and multimedia presentations that will wow any audience.

Click on the links below in order to complete the tasks of the web quest.  Be sure to complete all assignments.  Remember, if you need help, you can always email me, ask a classmate, or use your best problem-solving skills.

  1. Introduction (What you need to know.)
  2. Task (What you will be doing.)
  3. Process (How you will complete the task.)
  4. Resources (Websites and links that will help you complete the task.)
  5. Evaluation (How your work will be graded.)
  6. Conclusion (Here you will sum up and reflect upon the activity.)

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