Mythology Unit

Blue Map of the World

In the days before science explained the unknown phenomena of nature, mythology helped ancient people understand the world around them.  Below are resources to help drive research into mythology:

Mythology of the World: This page provides links to information about mythological stories from all corners of the world.

  • Africa– This includes information about general African mythology as well as Egyptian mythology.
  • Americas– Here you can find  information on mythologies for the Aztecs, Incas, Haitians, Mayas, and Native Americans.
  • Asia– This includes information on mythology from the Chinese, Hindu, Japanese, and Korean people.
  • Europe– Use this link to explore Basque, Celtic, Etruscan, Greek, Latvian, and Norse mythology.
  • Middle East– Here you can explore the mythology from the Islamic, Judaic, Mesopotamian, and Persian cultures.
  • Oceania– This link connects to information about Aboriginal and Polynesian mythology.

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