Genius Hour

Genius Hour Project Guidelines:

Research and Articles Supporting Genius Hour:

Symbaloo Assortment of Possible Sources: Below are a list of sources I have found around the internet that may help some of you (my students) in gathering research and resources for your topics.

Genius Hour Final Thoughs:

***Genius Hour Final Project Submission (FALL 2014):

***Genius Hour Final Project Submission (SPRING 2015):

Genius Hour Presentation delivered to the Cobb County Schools’ PBL/STEM Innovation Academy:

11 thoughts on “Genius Hour

  1. I really like how you organized all of your information and the outline for Genius Hour. I am trying to create class for our new middle school structure for 6th and 7th grade. Do I have permission to use your outline at my school?

  2. I’m hoping to incorporate Genius Hour in my Spanish 3 class this year and I’m really excited! Do I have permission to use your project guidelines and modify them for my high school classes. Thank you!

  3. Ms. Willipedia!! I am a brand new library media specialist and have been asked to teach a digital literacy class. My students and I would love to incorporate a passion project into the quarter and after researching for days, your Genius Hour Semester Project Guidelines are my favorite. Do I have your permission to use your guidelines with modifications to best fit my class? Thank you!

    1. Hello Amy!

      Yes you do have my permission. Please let me know how it goes! I would love to hear more about the experience.

      I hope you’re having an awesome school year so far!

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