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Visit any of the links below, read an article or watch a video, and post your thoughts about it here.  Please post your responses in the form of a BCR (Brief Constructed Response).

In the comments section below include your initials, class period, source viewed (copy and paste the web address), and your thoughts on it.  Be sure to make connections between what you read or saw and how it connects to anything you have learned in any of your classes.

For example:

N.W. 8th Period

“Chance Discoveries: Post-it Notes” from http://science360.gov/obj/video/c61eb5b0-f1cd-4b49-a8dd-8b05a5b8e063/chance-discoveries-post-notes

The video, “Chance Discoveries: Post-it Notes” from Science 360 illustrated an example of how sometimes a mistake is actually another opportunity.  Mr.Spencer Sillver, a scientist at 3M was trying to create a stronger adhesive, but in his experiments, accidentally created a very low-tack adhesive.  A few years later, Mr. Silver’s colleague Mr. Arthur Fry found how to use the adhesive and Post-it Notes were born.  In fact, many key scientific discoveries came about by accident.  Imagine life without anti-biotics.  Many more people would die of infections.  Luckily, thanks to penicillin, millions of people’s lives have been saved.  I learned in my science class that this was created by accident.  Though it is said that others discovered it before him, Alexander Fleming recognized how a blue mold growing on bread could be used to treat wounds.  In Georgia history, I found out that Coca-Cola was another accidental invention.  A pharmacist named John Pemberton was actually trying to create a cure for headaches and now it is one of the top soft drinks in the world.

Accidents like the creation of the Post-it Note, penicillin, and Coca-Cola remind me that if sometimes we don’t find exactly what we were looking for, but end up finding something far better.  Just imagine if Spencer Silver did make that extremely tacky adhesive.  Post-it notes wouldn’t exist.  I certainly cannot imagine my life without those.

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  1. On CNN Student news, I would have to say that I agree with Mitt Romney, because I wouldnt want to negotiate with terrorists that might be trying to trick Obama into killing more of our troops. Maybe president Obama has a plan, and he wants the terrorists to fall for it.

    1. That is a valid idea, and I would love to see you elaborate upon this more. Perhaps he does. Could you please include the specific link to the video you saw so that your classmates and I can more clearly understand your response?

  2. Though many here disagree, I highly think the US should apologize to the different Muslim countries for that 14 minute movie insulting Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H). Many people don’t know this, but insulting our Holy Prophet is blashmey to us. Also, I don’t think that the Muslims should apologize, because the US had made an offense to Islam. They have had mulitple attacks on Mulim territory and haven’t apologized for those either.

    1. Thank you for responding, however, could you include the link to the specific link to which you are referring? This way everyone can have a clear understanding of the issue being discussed.

      Your opinion is very valid and fully respected, but I will stress that an individual in the United States produced the offensive film to which you are referring just as individuals in the Muslim community worldwide have committed anti-American acts. For the sake of discussion, think about this: if someone at your school made an offensive comment about another school, should your entire school be held responsible for the actions of that one person? Would that one person represent your entire school?

  3. BCR: Science 360 – http://science360.gov/obj/video/f2a96021-7c9a-410a-b6ee-8b26f3b925a1/science-summer-olympics-impact-jenny-simpson

    This video talked about how Jenny Simpson got ready for the Olyimpics. Also how there’s this treamwell I think that’s what it’s called that helps yhu so your back won’t hurt much. When Jenny used the tremwell she got in this thing & it made her legs & under body ( waist on down ) to feel more less dense. She worked out on it even though she was recovering from her ingery.

    1. Thank you, thank you for doing EXACTLY what I asked!!! Yay! You included the link, you explained what you liked and why, plus, you wrote a paragraph! Full points for you Y.S.!!

    1. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it! For the future, be sure to include the link to the video you watched so others can visit it too. Furthermore, please include more specific details on why you liked the video too!

  4. I also saw the CNN video about the Newton Shooting and the President’s speech. I was glad our president sent out his deepest wishes to those families of the kids that died, but what about all the ones in Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq? He made an entire speech dedicated to 26 people who were killed, but what about those thousands killed in the Middle East?

  5. http://www.cnn.com/studentnews/index.html

    I watched the 1/16/15 edition of CNN student news, and was especeially intrigued by the 2 men who free climbed El-Capitan. This was very interesting becuase the 2 men started wanting to do it since 2007 and by 2009 they had already set out to make a plan. If you do the math that means that it took them 6 years to actually accomplish their goals. 2 of those weeks they spent actually climbing the mountain. The extraordinary part of all of this was that they didnt have any tools they climbed the mountain with only their hands and feet which must be very scary for them. It must be such a feat for the since they were the first people to free climb El-capitano.

  6. S.P. 6th Period


    During the short video clip of CNN’s student news, they talked about many interesting things. The three major and most important topics Carl Azuz (the host) talked about, were terrorists attacks in Nigeria, a letter from a Titanic survivor, and two men who free-climbed El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.
    The first thing they conversed about were the terrorist attacks in Nigeria. The terrorist attacks in Nigeria, are a result of religion complications. About fifty percent of the population of Nigeria is Muslim, and the other forty percent is Christian. Vocal Hiram is a Muslim Terrorist group that wants to enforce stricter Muslim religious laws. They have been using brutal tactics in order to fight for what they want, including, destroying churches, schools, government buildings and has targeted civilians. They are even sometimes using children to carry out their attacks. The fight is unfair because the terrorist attackers have much better guns and more ammo, while the soldiers have to use their own money to buy equipment and go into battle with only sixty bullets.
    The next topic Carl talked about was the letter from a Titanic survivor. The letter is up for auction and the founder could win up to six thousand dollars! The Titanic’s life boats could have saved twelve hundred of the twenty two hundred that were on the ship. Instead, only seven hundred survived. This is because the life boats weren’t filled to their full capacity. The survivor writes about the time when her husband was the one to say keep the boat moving and don’t allow others to board. The life boats could have held forty passengers, but hers, only held twelve.
    The third story CNN talked about were the two men who free-climbed El Capitan in Yosemite Park. The two men free-climbed the mountain, which means using only their fingers and feet. The mountain has very little cracks and seems, making it even more difficult to climb. They had other climbers with ropes bring them food and other supplies, and they also slept in hanging hammocks bolted into the rock at night. The free-climbers had ropes to save them from falling, but had no tools to help them hang on to the rock.

    1. I really enjoyed the video because of all of the important and interesting information. It shows that a lot happens in the world without half of the world knowing it either.

  7. I watched the CNN news report for Friday. I found it pretty cool how the letter from the Titanic is being sold for up $6,000. Its not everyday a letter is sold for a great amount of money. The class this connects to more is the Latin class because as things grow older, the more they are worth.

  8. In the news I saw that there was a tank nod it looked like it was driving through someone’s backyard. It looked ridiculous but I might be misunderstood. Also about the vaccines, personally I can’t take 16 shots, I can barley take the flu shot without crying, haha.

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