…and another one.

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We’ve got to admit, DJ Khaled’s well played-out catchphrase is so perfect for many occasions.

Your second trip up to the buffet.

That next episode of that engrossing show on Netflix.

The extra cupcake that magically leaped onto your plate.

Those extra minutes spent hugging your favorite person/dog/pillow.

Here we are in the swing of yet another school year, and you know what?  There’s no reason it can’t be just as wonderful, making you feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy inside as “another one” of the things above.

Within my district, we started school on August 1st (early, I know–the breaks balance it out though) and it has been so exciting seeing all of the additions we have to our family this year.  We added a few new buildings that replaced old ones.  We re-purposed one high school program to serve students as a blended learning academy.  We also celebrated many great gains in the realms of test scores and many of those quantitative measures of school district awesomeness.  Most importantly, it has been so energizing to see the excitement by so many within my PLN as they share their love of learning with our students.

That’s the thing about life.  There will always be an opportunity for “another one”–another day, another try, another year, another chance.  Inspired by those around me, here I embark upon another year of service to my colleagues in whichever way I can.  Stay tuned for some upcoming projects that I just cannot wait to share with y’all!

Until next time, have “another one” of something that adds joy to your life.

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