1 Thing Wednesday: FINALLY Easy Quizzes with Google Forms!

The day has come, my fellow educators, that we can easily make quizzes and tests using Google Forms.

Previously, you would have to use a Google Apps script such as Flubaroo to work within the response section of Google Forms to allow you to create a key, and match that against student form responses and easily send you data.  While it took a moment to set the script up for use in the form, once you got it going, it was such a time saver!

Even though my classroom had a pretty nifty District-provided in-class student response system named iRespond, I found that my middle schoolers’ motivation was enhanced by the fact that they could receive their quiz grades via email.  This way, they could have record of their grade before I input it in the online grade book.  For this, and many other reasons, I had my students use many a Google Form quiz in my last couple of years in the classroom (SY 2013-2014 and SY 2014-2015).  I would check out one of our school’s iPad carts or allow students to use their cell phones to respond to the questions.

Now, you can turn any form into a quiz right within the editing screen of Google Forms.

It’s about time! 🙂  Honestly, I am just glad to see an easier-to-use quiz maker and grader to make data collection and grading simpler for educators everywhere.

Test Google Forms Quiz

Test Google Forms Quiz Settings

By the way, I would like to give a special shout out to Tech Times and EdSurge whose sites brought this new and exciting information (and more!) to my attention.

*”The New Google Forms” featured image courtesy of Google via this link here.

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