2 thoughts on “TouchCast 123 QR Code

  1. Hi Ms.Williams!
    When you were in my testing room the other day I couldn’t quite tell what the reason was, I wanted to ask but, you left before I could. Out of curiosity I started looking at your Ms.Wiliilpedia blog and saw many changes, most importantly I read your post about your job change. What an amazing chance, congrats, I hope you enjoy it, as it sounds awesome. I know that there are many students that would have loved to have you as their teacher as I thoroughly did, but this is an amazing opportunity as well! Have an awesome time, and it was cool seeing you there for a little while :). Btw I don’t think I ever got the chance to tell you this but you made a huge difference in my life and you were by far my favorite teacher!
    Thanks for all you do, and good luck,
    Adelaide W.

    1. Adelaide!

      It was so great to see you too! I was shadowing one of your classmates as a project for my new job. Thank you soooooooooo much for your support, appreciation, and kind words! While I do miss teaching my own students, I do love getting to meet and work with teachers at schools across the District. It is pretty awesome indeed.

      Thank you so much again. Your words have made my week. 🙂

      Forever humbled,

      Ms. W.

      P.S. I hope our paths cross again!

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