Spice Up Your Presentations with Office Mix

Office 365 offers untold treasures beyond cloud storage for documents and spreadsheets.  In fact, with it and updating to Office 2013, there are many new programs, and program extensions that have great utility in schools.

Enter: Office Mix.
Office Mix is an extension to PowerPoint which means that once downloaded, it adds enhanced features to your existing PowerPoint program.  With Mix, which is represented by a button on the “ribbon” or toolbar at the top, you can add a variety of items to PowerPoint.

Office Mix Ribbon

With Mix you can:

  • embed videos (without it just being a link or having to save the video to your computer),
  • record screencasts,
  • create recorded screen drawings (think Khan Academy),
  • use your webcam to record, and
  • include interactive questions, quizzes, or polls.

Mix includes its own version of an app store with the interactive features you can embed into your PowerPoint.  Once Microsoft adds more to the current offerings, this program will certainly prove even more useful than it already can be.Office Mix Apps 3

How can it be used to enhance your lessons?

With Mix you can:

  • conduct remediation/review,
  • create flipped lessons/blended learning opportunities,
  • illustrate a process for more self-directed lessons, and
  • create alternative presentations (for student projects, or teachers).

Once again, the possibilities are seemingly endless.  How do you see yourself using Office Mix in your classroom?


Originally posted on my team’s blog.

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