Discovering Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Silhouette BETTER

All of this week we will be delving into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle‘s most famous tales of the iconic detective, Sherlock Holmes.  As my students are ending one chapter in their lives as they prepare to move on from 8th to 9th grade, they are also beginning a new chapter as well.  Thus, we began where Sherlock’s adventures began with the novella “A Study in Scarlet.”

While reading, we will be taking time to discuss the similarities and differences between Holmes’ world and their own in addition to making observations about the characters on the following handout.

A Study in Scarlet Character Chart and Reflection

So far the discussion has been quite interesting and I look forward to seeing what the students think of this tale of essentially, the world’s first crime scene investigator/forensic scientist.

Homework (for the week):


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