Causes and Effects

Throughout both To Kill a Mockingbird and Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, there are many notable events and turning points.  Today, the students explored these causes and effects in order to determine some of the central themes.  They first created a multi-flow map reflecting the causes and effects of one event in their novel of choice.  Thereafter, the students then identified the themes they saw among their multi-flow maps.  The students then voted on the themes they saw and we used those to create a scenario that we would subsequently put on trial.

After creating the mock trial scenario, the students then told me which roles they were interested in taking on for the trial.  Thereafter, if time allowed, the students were permitted to conduct research for their roles in the trial.  Jury members were able to work on any work they needed to complete in class.


  • Study for tomorrow’s quiz.
    • TKAM: Chapters 12-21
    • ROTHMC: Chapters 6-9
  • Bring your vocabulary assignment to class in order to receive a grade.


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