Work Ahead/Catch Up Day

I am so glad that so many of my students are also involved in the arts.  That said, with today’s band LGPE (Large Group Performance Evaluation), just shy of half of my students were absent after lunch.  As a result, the following happened:

  • The quiz was rescheduled from today to this Friday, March the 13th and
  • The Vocabulary In-Context assignment is now due tomorrow (Thursday, March 12th, 2015).

The students who were present in class were permitted to either:

  • read their novel (either TKAM or ROTHMC),
  • work on the Vocabulary In-Context assignment,
  • catch up on any missing ELA assignments, or
  • begin work on the TKAM/ROTHMC unit final project.


  • Read:
    • TKAM- Through Chapter 23
    • ROTHMC-Begin Chapter 10


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