Scripted Mock Trial in Action

After taking time to work on the chapter discussion questions in preparation for tomorrow’s quiz and Friday’s journal check, the students took over class to conduct a mock trial.  This pre-scripted trial asked the students to participate as lawyers for the defense, the prosecution, witnesses, the defendant, members of the jury, the bailiff, and the judge.

In the case of State v. Pat Morton, my classes arrived at the following verdicts:

  • 3rd Period- Not Guilty
  • 4th Period- Not Guilty
  • 5th Period- Not Guilty
  • 6th Period- Not Guilty

After arriving at the verdict, we spent the rest of the time discussing our thoughts on the process of the mock trial.  The students offered their thoughts for an upcoming mock trial that they will create themselves later on this week.


  • Review for tomorrow’s quiz.
    • TKAM- Chapters 12-21
    • ROTHMC- Chapters 6-9


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