Understanding a Mock Trial

In preparation for the upcoming unscripted mock trial, my students had the opportunity to ease into the mindset needed in order to successfully interact in a mock trial setting.

First, we explored a couple of debate scenarios:

  • Scenario #1:
    • Should middle schoolers be able to watch R-rated movies in school that go along with books they read?
  • Scenario #2: 
    • Dave hacks into the systems of the Enormous Telecommunications Company (ETC) and copies a file that describes certain details of ETC’s delicate switching equipment. When Dave is nabbed by the Feds, they charge him with theft. Is this correct?
      • What if the document is provided essentially for free by ETC to anyone for the price of postage?

This, naturally, generated quite a spirited discussion as we moved on to watching a video from 2008 of high school students competing in a mock trial competition where Overbrook High School in Pennsylvania won. This video served to illustrate how a successful mock trial should look and function.

If time allowed, we first discussed the important points in a trial.  We then got started on a scripted mock trial.  Regardless, we will perform this scripted mock trial tomorrow.


  • Read for 30 minutes and record it in your reading log:
    • TKAM: Chapter 20
    • ROTHMC: Finish Chapter 9


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