Fishbowl Finishing and Student-Created Tests

Today’s class was a hodgepodge of activities.  We first, wrapped up our general thoughts from yesterday’s fishbowl discussion of both novels’ themes.  Then, I took a moment to discuss the Character Chart, the top half of which was due today.  The completed version of this chart is due on Monday, March 9th, 2015.  (Side note: The “Vocabulary in Context” assignment, which was given this week, is due next Wednesday, March 11th, 2015.)

Next, we harnessed the power of the iPads and Google Docs, as the students created their own multiple choice test questions and submit them into this Google Form.  This will count as each student’s grade for the day and these questions will be used for review and subsequently, for the final test over the novel as well.

Once each student finished this task, they were able to work on their own and read in the time remaining in class.


  • Read through:
    • TKAM- Chapter 18
    • ROTHMC- Chapter 7


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