Poetry and Vocabulary Review Day

As happens periodically, today was an iPad Mini day.  Thus, below the horizontal line are the instructions that were provided to students during class.


  • Read for 30 minutes.
  • Study for tomorrow’s vocabulary quiz.
  • Study for tomorrow’s poetry test.
  • Remember: All poems need to be posted toPadlet (andKidBlog) by tomorrow to make sure it can be included in the poetry magazine.
    • (Parents: Please note that I am compiling the poetry the the students have submitted so that it can be included in a poetry magazine that will be available in digital form.  Those final details are forthcoming.)



Today you will be moving through modified tech-based throughout today’s class.

Activity 1: Vocabulary (10 minutes) and Web Quest Review (10 minutes)

Activity 2: Poetry Kahoot!

  • When directed to do so, log on to http://kahoot.it.
  • Enter in the game pin being displayed on the board and quietly await further instructions.
  • Good Luck!
    • The winning player will receive REP bucks.
    • The person with the highest score of all four classes will receive 5 bonus points on his or her poetry test.

Activity 3: Poetry Jeopardy

  • At this point, you should have put your iPad Mini back into its spot in the cart.
  • Next, you will be divided up into color-coded teams.
  • Good luck!
    • Whichever team receives the highest number of points in class will win REP bucks.
    • The team with the highest score out of all four classes will receive 5 bonus points on their poetry test.

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