Poetry Workshop Day

After our weekly quiz over the Lesson 11 words from Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Book C, the students had time to work on their own poetry as they will be submitting and presenting their best work next week.   Once everyone had finished, we then watched a clip from the 2010 documentary entitled “Louder than a Bomb.”  This documentary followed several high schools and some of their key students as they prepared for an annual youth poetry slam competition in Chicago.

As a side note, “Louder than a Bomb” is currently on Netflix (or can be purchased or rented from Amazon.com) and students who would like additional credit can watch it, rewrite and respond to five of the discussion questions here (with specific examples from the film) and have it replace their lowest quiz grade.   The discussion questions were actually written by one of the students featured in the film, Adam Gottleib.

If additional time permitted, we took the rest of class to workshop and then share the poetry that was written.


  • Read for at least 60 minutes.
  • Continue working on poetry.
  • If possible, purchase/rent/borrow a copy of either Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry  by Mildred B. Taylor or To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
    • We will begin our novel study on these books on Monday, February 16th.  You only need to choose one of the two books to read.
  • EXTRA CREDIT: Watch “Louder than a Bomb.”  Then choose five of the discussion questions here and thoughtfully respond to them.  You should submit your response either in paper form or via KidBlog by Monday, February 16th.  If submitted by this deadline, your lowest quiz grade will be replaced with your grade from this extra credit assignment.


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