More Poetry Analysis

Our “Bar-A-Day” experiment has been going so well!  There are some students who do not typically tend to share who are fighting for the chance to share their work and it truly warms my heart.  After today’s post Warm-Up sharing session, we took a look at analyzing some more poetry starting with this poem entitled “Like Totally, You Know?” by Taylor Mali.

Thereafter, the students had the opportunity to look at the following poems:

They then highlighted, analyzed, and shared their thoughts on the poems.  The best and strongest-supported analyses (with evidence from the poems being analyzed) were rewarded with REP bucks.


  • „Read for 30 minutes.
  • „Study tomorrow’s vocabulary quiz on Friday.
    • You can review at the words here.
  • „Respond to at least two of your classmates’ “If I Were President” speech on KidBlog (Due by Monday).
  • „Begin posting your poem on to KidBlog.


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