What is poetry?

According to Google it is:Poetry Google Definition


Today, the students pooled their collective knowledge to write definitions of a variety of poem types.  After we shared thoughts as a group, I showed the students a selection of video examples of some of the poems we discussed.

As an example of a free verse poem, we watched Malcolm London perform “High School Training Ground” at TED.


We then watched “The Limerick Song.”

Thereafter, we watched a video performance by David Tennant (of “Dr. Who” and “Gracepoint” fame) of William Shakespeare’s Sonnet #18.

I then told the students about their upcoming “Bar-A-Day” assignment where they each have to produce a stanza of a poem each day during this two-week lesson.  Some time during the Warm Up will be provided, but by Friday of each week, each student should have a completed poem.




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