The Power of Words

Today’s lesson featured the use of the iPad Minis.  Thus, today’s blog post serves as a road map through that lesson.

STUDENTS, now that you have received your iPad Mini, begin work on Lesson 9 Quiz below.  Remember to put the same answers on to your quarter sheet of paper as well.  You will be able to answer the quiz below ONLY ONCE.

Short Link:


Today’s Lesson:

Now that you have finished your quiz, take a moment to read the speeches below.  Thereafter you will create a 3-way Venn Diagram to compare three powerful speakers we discussed this week.

Step 1: Read this version of “The Gettysburg Address.”

Step 2: Read the introduction to and the “squashed” version of Socrates’ “Apology.”

Step 3: Given all that you have learned about the words used by Dr. King, President Obama, President Reagan, President Lincoln, and Socrates, write a brief, 5-sentence paragraph comparing and contrasting three of these figures and post it with only your FIRST NAME and your LAST Initial on to this Padlet.

Step 4: Revise your “If I Were President” speech from yesterday.

Step 5: Use whatever time you have left in class to finish putting your “Dear Dr. King” letter into KidBlog.



  • Input your “Dear Dr. King” letter into KidBlog by 11:59 p.m. TONIGHT if you have not done so already.
  • Create the final draft of your “If I Were President” speech.  Be prepared to present on Monday.



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