Student-Created Writing Prompts

We started today’s classes with the students finishing a story stem below:

  • As I slowly approached the deserted house at the end of the road…

Volunteers had the opportunity to share their short stories and each class voted upon their favorite of those shared.  You can find those stories here (or see them in the post below this one).

The following students’ stories were selected as the best:

  • 3rd Period: Seamus
  • 4th Period: Alex
  • 5th Period: Eddie
  • 6th Period: Chloe

After a brief recap of yesterday’s discussion on the Georgia Milestones, the students voted to see who had the best writing prompt.  They first selected the best prompt per table.  Next, they selected the best per three table groupings, and then decided between the final two.  The students then created a R.A.C.E. chart/graphic organizer to help them structure their thoughts on the top half of their paper.  They then wrote the full response on the second half of the paper.  Whatever was not completed in class was thereby assigned for homework.

A quick “shout out” goes to the following students for having written the winning constructed response prompts:

  • 3rd Period: Seamus and Sam
  • 4th Period: Erica
  • 5th Period: Lynn
  • 6th Period: Maribel


  • Read for 30 minutes.
  • Complete student-created constructed response if not finished in class.


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