Expository Exposed: Days 1 and 2

Both today and yesterday the students worked either individually or together to explore Expository writing.  They each started class with a question asked via the daily PowerPoint and via Padlet.  Yesterday’s topic was where the students had to choose one of two current event articles to skim and then comment upon.  The first article dealt with child homelessness and the second one dealt with gossiping.  Today’s warm up asked each student to share where they would wish to visit around the world and why.  A selection of their responses is below:

Padlet Where Would You Go


The students then continued their exploration by working on a web quest and creating a KidBlog post with a mini expository essay.  Today, upon finishing the previous task, the students then compared two songs through Essay Scorer, an online resource that automatically scores essays and provides feedback.  The links to the resources used yesterday and today can be found below:



  • Read for 30 minutes.
  • Continue working on your Genius Hour project.


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