Comparing Media: "The Tell-Tale Heart" (November 6th, 2014)


One of the great things about the Common Core Standards is that they provide for the comparison and contrasting of different versions of a story.  This means that my middle school classroom can become much like a college or high school film appreciation class where we can analyze videos as literature along with their written counterparts.

Today, the students and I watched a version of “The Tell-Tale Heart” released in 1941.  Luckily, the screenwriters took some liberties with Edgar Allen Poe’s short story and so the students were able to really analyze why those changes took place.  They each created their own Double Bubble Thinking Maps in order to compare what these two had in common, and how they differed.  We wrapped up today’s lesson with a discussion on the efficacy of each version of the story.

Reminder: Tomorrow is a Genius Hour Work Day and is therefore a BYOD day.  All devices brought on campus are of the responsibility of the student who has brought it.


  • Read for 30 minutes.
  • Have at least 5 sources on your Annotated Bibliography on KidBlog.


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