Show What You Know! (Thursday, September 30th, 2014)

Yesterday, the students were able to create super-short stories using a literary device of their choice.  The catch was that it had to be humorous.  Since class time did not allow us to do it as a whole group activity, I offered this activity as an extra-credit opportunity.  Below is some of the literary device-laden silliness they created:

We then took the silliness a step further.  The students created longer, mini-stories using a few elements.  They were given a chart of random people, places, things, and events to inject into their stories.

Show What You Know Subjects

They they took those random elements and paired them with a literary device selected at random through a wonderful spinning wheel to create their story.  This also served as a great opportunity to review the definitions of these literary devices for the students still a little fuzzy on them.

Wheel Decide | Literary Devices

We did this for three rounds.

The students then shared their favorite of the three random stories they created with their table groups.  The groups then selected their favorite.  These favorites faced off so that we could determine the class favorite.  (I plan to post some of the winning stories in tomorrow’s blog post.)

REMINDER: Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow!  There will also be a literary devices quiz on Monday.


  • Read for 30 minutes.
  • Study for tomorrow’s vocabulary quiz.
  • Continue work on your Genius Hour Proposal (due tomorrow).  It must be posted in KidBlog in order to receive credit.


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