Literary Devices as Centers: Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Yesterday’s class periods showed that the students had a pretty firm grasp of the basic and more widely-used literary devices.  How fantastic!  As a result, today we moved into centers using the iPads.  After a quick recap of yesterday’s lesson as a relay race, each student received a school iPad with which they were to visit this blog.  They then had the opportunity to choose any of the literary devices of interest to them and complete the accompanying activities.  They then posted evidence of what they learned by applying that literary device in the context of a short story or analysis on their KidBlogs.

We will be continuing these self-directed centers again in class tomorrow.


  • šRead for 30 minutes.
  • šBring in the lyrics (either typed, printed, or hand-written) of your favorite song and highlight as many examples of literary devices as you can find.
  • Annotate each example with an explanation of how that highlighted portion serves as a valid example of that literary device.
  • šContinue work on your Genius Hour project.
  • šStudy for Friday’s vocabulary quiz.


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