Genius Hour Kickoff Day #4: Gratitude

After a few days of front loading, the students had the opportunity to delve into researching for their Genius Hour projects. Some students opted to bring in their own devices, while others were able to use the school laptops and classroom computers.

As a side note, I am grateful that the students are even more excited about this project than I could have imagined! I cannot wait to see what they learn, create, and share with us along the way.

My sincerest gratitude goes out to all of the wonderful parents of my home room students with whom I have been meeting all Conference Week. Your partnership is what makes our school more impactful and effective. Furthermore, I would like to thank the parents who inquired about my Book Fair wish list (which I put up later in the game) and for those who did purchase items off of that list. Your generosity and desire to give has warmed my heart.

Homework: Read for 30 minutes and continue your research.

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