Vocabulary Quiz and Essay Presentation Day: Friday, October 10th, 2014

Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tcp909/6304394866/in/photolist-aB6EXd-7BFqLU-7BFq6C-8bfuDz-8biM8j-8bfv1z-89PDmK-8a4fbn-89STbj-8a4fPH-89SQ2L-8a4fha-7A9GMJ-89SQaN-6bUiut-89PASH-8biMuU-89PCgx-8a7unY-89PzPn-89PCRT-7BFqZ9-8a7u13-8a4e4B-89PziH-5U3gbF-8a7tDJ-8biLH7-jQemaL-76ixPX-8a4fiH-7BFqow-89Pzsp-eSTD9R-5wkSxp-aJQAux-8a4f8a-8biMCh-8a7uvj-89SSf3-8a4dax-8biMRU-8a7uHq-7TQ4Yj-8a7qhy-8a7rCW-8a7tfN-8a4fyv-8a7uDY-8a4aat
Image Credit: https://flic.kr/p/aB6EXd

Today was an extremely straightforward day: the students took a brief moment to review their lesson 5 vocabulary words, they then took a quiz over those words (a copy of the quiz is embedded within the PowerPoint below), and then a handful of students presented their argumentative essays.  The presentations provided us all with an opportunity to have a laid-back, yet informative and educationally-rich day.

REMINDERS: Next week, I have invited the students to bring their own devices all week long to assist them with a project.  That said, they will be solely responsible for their devices and will be permitted to keep them in their lockers until class.  I will also allow them to put their devices back into their lockers for safe-keeping at the end of class.


  • Read for 30 minutes.
  • Think about what interests you.
  • Be safe!


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