FYIs for Fall Break

As the adage goes, “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry,” such was my morning.  Since a last-minute meeting kept me from printing out the rubric and instructions for the second ABR (Alternative Book Report) as planned (and previously promised), I did the following to make up for it by:

  • extending the deadline to Thursday  the 25th instead of Wednesday the 24th and
  • informing all students that should they turn their ABRs in on the original due date of Wednesday the 24th, they will receive an additional 5 bonus points.

These ABRs are to be done on a book that each student has been reading for leisure (not any of our classroom stories).

Once again the materials can be found here:

Other things to note, today the students received their graded Flowers for Algernon tests as well as their Parts of Speech Projects, Flowers for Algernon Projects, and their first Alternative Book Reports.  A “check minus” equals an 85%, a “check” equals a 90%, and a “check plus” equals a 100%.  The grades for these items will be entered into Synergy over the break.

Have a marvelous break!

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