Exploring the Importance of Plot Elements-September 3rd, 2014

Third period fell a little behind yesterday and so they started today’s lesson with creating plot diagrams for “Curious George and the Kite.”

Beyond this, all four classes were on pace with one another.  Today, we took time to share our observations from yesterday’s homework.  I started out by sharing my plot diagram for the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that I watched on Netflix last night.  Thereafter, a few student volunteers shared their own.

The class then segued into a review of yesterday’s class by doing a quick memory refresher on plot structure.

Next, we tackled more of the fun stuff.  The students had the opportunity to watch the short film “Magnetic.”  After plotting its plot diagram as well, we then led into a discussion of the relevance of each plot element to the overall story’s integrity.  Thereafter, we began discussing themes, which served as a preview into tomorrow’s lesson.

Class wrapped up with the creation of similes to summarize class.  The students had to expand upon the following simile base:

  •  “A magnet is like a ________________ because _____________” relating the concept of a magnet and magnetism, the central theme of the story “Magnetic,” to something else in class or the world outside.

Homework: The students must read for 30 minutes in preparation for their next Alternative Book Report submission (due date to be determined).

PowerPoint: 9.3.14 Exploring Plot Structure

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