"Flowers for Algernon" August 20st-28th, 2014

The students have been delving into the world of Charlie Gordon, who undergoes experimental surgery to triple the level of his intelligence.  In the process, the students have had the opportunity to see how Charlie’s intelligence and perception of the world around him changes.  How many times have we all been in situations where we thought we knew where we stood, but then realized that we did not?  In their exploration of this text, the students have been partaking in the following:

  • recording their thoughts and observations with each of Charlie’s updates (as the short story is written in the form of his diary entries over 9 months),
  • explore the themes of the story through the creation of their own choice of projects, and
  • complete their first quiz and major test over a work of literature.

Below are the resources for this mini-unit.  The resources will be updated with each passing day with any relevant information.

Power Points:

Flowers for Algernon Project:

Flowers for Algernon Short Story Links:

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