CRCT Study Guide

Standardized TestEach year, the Georgia Department of Education (GADOE) updates its website with resources geared toward helping students (as well as parents and teachers) prepare for the CRCT.

They provide a brochure with information on the CRCT, its purpose, process, organization, and any other general questions parents might have.

The GADOE also provides study guides for each of the grade levels tested (grades 3-8).  Here is a link to the CRCT Study Guide for 7th grade.

I love this study guide as it provides information on which standards are addressed in the sample questions, their correct answers, and explanation of why that answer is the correct one.  This is a perfect tool for any parent working with their students to prepare at home (let’s face it, some school subjects are not quite the same as they were when we all were in school, so that added support is helpful).


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