Wednesday and Thursday, February 20th and 21st, 2013

Wednesday saw a continuation of Tuesday’s lesson where the students had the opportunity to view more videos, discuss the possible themes in groups, and finally share them with the whole class.  The students really enjoyed the integration of music into the ELA lesson.

PowerPoint: Putting Things in Order 2.20.13

HOMEWORK: Read for 30 minutes.

Today’s class periods featured discussion about the “Article of the Week” and why we must make sure that sentences and paragraphs are in proper order so that the reader can understand what has been written.  In conjunction with our current extended text Divergent by Veronica Roth, the students took a “Faction Quiz” where they answered questions to see where they will be placed within the classroom next week.  The students will be interacting with the story because the characters within the world of Divergent are separated into different factions, or family-style groups, based on an aptitude test (which uses their personality inclinations) to identify in which group they would best fit.

PowerPoint: Synthesis (Sentence Order and Theme) 2.21.13

HOMEWORK: Read for 30 minutes.  Complete the “Article of the Week” which is due Friday.

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