Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Today, after turning in their “Create-A-Quiz” assignments (worth a quiz grade), the students finished writing their in-class essays.  However before that, we all participated in an “Editing Round Robin” where each student edited a paragraph and then passed it to their right.  The group that finished first won a prize!  Thereafter, to review the writing process we had a “Rap-A-Long” to the song “Essay Swag” which can be found here.  In some classes, the bravest students had the opportunity to rap the verses while we all chimed in on the choruses.  Finally, the students completed their essays with as much assistance from me as they needed.  Those who struggled with organizing their essays were allowed to use the computers which were already on the site ReadWriteThink’s Essay Map Generator.

Editing Round Robin Handout: Edit a sample 4 paragraph Essay

PowerPoint: Nov. 8. 2012 Write it Out! Part Deux

HOMEWORK: Complete the Unit One Study Guide in preparation for tomorrow’s exam!


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