Monday, November 5th, 2012

Have you ever had trouble understanding what it was that someone else was trying to say?  Well, in class today we learned how editing helps others improve their writing.  After brief notes on common editing marks, we worked whole group to edit a sample paragraph.  Thereafter, the students worked on their own to correct a sample paragraph called “The Beach.”  Finally, all students were informed of the requirements of their homework assignment (which will be worth a quiz grade) where they work in groups of up to 4 to create their own 12-question quiz.  This will serve as one way to review for the unit exam this Friday.

PowerPoint:Let’s Edit!

Sample Paragraph: “The Beach” (with key)

Homework: (DUE THURSDAY)

•Each student will work in a group (of their own choosing) of up to 4 students  to create a 12-question quiz.
•Each student is to create at least 3 questions for the quiz. (Divide the questions equally among yourselves.)
•You must also create a key. You will have to write a 3+ sentence justification of the right answers.
•You and your group will receive additional points toward their team’s grade for including higher-order-thinking questions. (Quiz Grade)



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