Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 Summary

Today we directed our attention to conclusions.  These ending paragraphs can be daunting, so we first listened to a year-in-review rap as a real-world example.  Next, we took notes on some strategies to make conclusion-writing easier.

Of course, there was the fun part after the note-taking.  The students worked in groups to create their own “wrap up rap” verses summarizing what content we have learned in class this year.  To close the lesson, each group performed their verse.  The class then voted (by a round of applause) to determine which one was the most entertaining.  The students in the groups who won earned a homework pass for tonight.

HOMEWORK: You must create a bumper sticker advertising conclusions.  It must be written as a prepositional phrase. (Due Wednesday)

    • Remember, “Create-A-Song” is due Friday (you must create a preposition song to the chorus, also known as the “hook,” of a popular song).

PowerPoint:9-18-12 Stronger Essays through Conclusions

Graphic Organizer: Conclusion Strategy Notes

    • (This was used to help the students organize their notes)

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