Monday, September 17th, 2012 Summarized

Monday started out with the solving of a mystery to heighten critical thinking skills.  The ability to pull out important details, draw inferences, and support these inferences from the text are all key standards.

The rest of the lesson focused on the use of prepositions.  We first identified them within the mystery, and practiced using them in the form of a skit.  Each student chose a preposition and along with their table mates, wrote a skit which they acted out at the end of class.  There was so much creativity flowing around the room (and many laughs too)!  I think we may have discovered some future playwrights, screenwriters, and comedic writers within Room 239 today!

HOMEWORK: Create-A-Song:  The students will have all week to create a short song (to the hook of an existing, already popular song) to help them remember prepositions.  (Due Friday)

PowerPoint: 9-17-12 The Power in the Preposition

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  1. I love this blog!!! It gives me clear insight into what my child is being taught and learning everyday. Great job Ms.Williams!!

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