Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 in Brief

Today we reviewed direct ojects from yesterday and then talked about indirect objects.  We first watched a quick Brain Pop video on direct and indirect objects.  We then took notes on both types of objects before putting what was learned into practice on page 82 of the Grammar for Writing work book (this is book in the classroom).  The Advanced Content class did only the odd numbers, while the other classes did all of the odd numbered sentences except for #3.  Everyone worked in their Source Books to identify the  the subjects, the verb/predicates, the direct objects, and indirect objects.

HOMEWORK: All- (Almost like yesterday) write 5 sentences that have SVO with direct and indirect objects. 2nd Period- Complete the homework but do 7 sentences instead of 5.

PowerPoint: 9-5-12 Direct & Indirect Objects in Argumentative Writing

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