Friday, August 31st Lesson Recap

The Friday before a long weekend is always an exciting one.  This Friday we continued to review ways of persuading readers in argumentative writing as well as identifying the subject and predicate in a sentence.

The students watched a video of a young man being sentenced.  This served to create background knowledge before the students wrote their third BCR (Brief Constructed Response) answering the question:

  • Should juveniles be punished separately or as adults after committing a serious crime?

The TAPP strategy was introduced to help everyone best respond to the topic.

  • ›T=topic
    • ›What are you being asked to comment on?
  • ›A=audience
    • ›Who is supposed to read your response?
  • ›P=purpose
    • ›Why are you writing your response?
  • ›P=pattern (organization)
    • ›How should you structure (organize) your response?
      • ›Cause and Effect, Argumentative (persuasion), Problem and solution, etc.

HOMEWORK: Write a BCR persuading me to listen to your favorite song.

PowerPoint:TAPP & BCR #3 8/31/12

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