Monday, August 27th, 2012 in Brief

We’re still getting the hang of this new and wonderful school year as I am with using this blog.  Starting next week, I will aim to have a summary of each day’s lesson plus it’s powerpoint posted here as a post like this one. 

On Monday we learned about text features–you know those things we see in text books and articles that give us a general understanding of what the text is about?  Through a strategy called BIG FOX, we learned how to pull out some of the most important information from a text.

  • B   Bold – List any words or phrases that are in bold print.  
  • I   Italics – List any words or phrases that are in italics.  
  • G   Graphics – Describe any graphics. (photos, drawings, graphs, charts, maps, tables, etc.)  
  • F   Facts – List at least 5 facts found in the article.  (These include statistics and other numerical data)
  • O   Opinions – List any opinions found in the article.  
  • X   X marks the spot – or at least the main point. In 2-3 sentences, write the main point of the article. (Hint – read the topic sentence of each paragraph.)

We also talked about the difference between concrete nouns and abstract nouns

  • Concrete nouns are people, places, or things that you can actually touch or physically.
    • Examples: dog, cat, house, restaurant, mother, father, etc.
  • Abstract nouns are ideas, concepts, and states of emotion.  Remember, abstract cannot be physically touched.
    • Examples: happiness, sadness, pride, success, joy, peace, etc.

HOMEWORK: AC: Reader/Writer Interactive Workbook pgs 194-195, 2nd & 6th: Reader/Writer Interactive Workbook pgs 194-199, 7th: Reader’s Journey Workbook pgs 8-10

PowerPoint: BIG FOX and Nouns as Ideas (August 27th, 2012)

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