The First Day


You made it through the first day of school.  It’s always a tiring, yet exciting day.  You have to start memorizing your new schedule, get acclimated (used to) your new teachers and classmates, plus you get to see your friends from the year before.  For teachers, we have to make sure we took attendance correctly, followed all of our required procedures (yes, we have requirements too), and try not to mispronounce the names of our new students.  That’s a lot for one day!

I created this blog just for my classes for this very reason; it is so easy to get overwhelmed with all of the different things you will have to do in 8th grade.  Bookmark this blog on your browser so you can always stay informed.

Did you remember to jot down the materials you’ll need for class in your agenda?  Below is the list of materials for this class:

  • Composition Notebook (you will need a second one as the school year progresses, so feel free to get an extra)
  • Pens (blue, black, and red)
  • Pencils
  • Small Sticky Notes (or Post-it-type tabs)
  • 3-ring binder with dividers

If you have any questions, you can always contact me through:

  • School Email
  • This Blog (some pages will have a “comments” section)
  • Twitter

Lastly, I have a page on this blog JUST for PowerPoint Presentations.  Today’s PowerPoint can be found here.

I hope you had a wonderful day!  See you tomorrow!

Ms. Williams

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